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Northern California Real Estate Agent Jamell Tousant
In Northern California, Jamell Tousant is a registered realtor and seasoned consultant. Tousant's coworkers and clients laud him for his unshakeable integrity, honesty, and ability to get things done.

Tousant is a native of California who presently resides in the Northern California Bay Area. He has expertise aiding buyers and sellers with anything from beachfront houses to high-rise condominiums and tranquil mountain retreats.

Jamell Tousant: Northern California and Beyond Success

Jamell Tousant seeks to assist individuals, couples, and families in finding their ideal homes in California. He has been working in real estate in the region since 2001, and in 2005 he became a certified California real estate agent.

Tousant has sold a large number of homes around California, particularly in the northern region where he presently resides. He is well-known in the community as a residential real estate specialist, having sold empty lots, single-family homes, multi-family homes, and other properties. He has tested his marketing and promotion strategies in a variety of areas and understands how to reach the broadest potential audience.

Tousant's real estate experience has led to the completion of over $250 million in real estate deals.


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